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Sometimes You Miss

Creators of any kind put their time, labor, passions,& interest into making stuff that they hope will find an audience that digs it and....sometimes you miss.

I wont tell you how many hours I put into the art and research for this collage/etymology project about obscure medical vocabulary back during the early Tiger King days of the pandemic but when I was done I felt it was worth it. I still do. But with the exception of the r/words subreddit that gave it a lil' bit of love this piece went over like a fart in church in terms of interest. Straight up crickets.

That's OK though. It wasn't my first time getting that that response to a minor passion project and it certainly won't be my last. But here in the new year I thought I'd throw this against the wall again just for old time's sake.

And I like the format so I'll prob do it again before long, who knows?!

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