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I Play Competitive Trivia...Again.

Here's a fun pre-COVID blast from the past that I'd entirely forgotten that I was a part of until this week.

Way back in September 2019 while doing my usual hunt for background/extra work on film & TV productions in NYC I came across a casting call for trivia podcast guests. Being a staunch fan of both trivia and podcasts I submitted for it and I was soon booked for one of the first recording sessions for Factorious, where Matt Iseman (host of American Ninja Warrior...and also a doctor??) quizzes 3 random people about general knowledge trivia in a cool format with the the chance that one of them will walk away with the the GRAND PRIZE thousand dollars. Which hey, it's certainly no Jeopardy! or The Chase in terms of $$$ potential but I regularly play trivia for free (and I also regularly pay to play trivia) so I was down for it.

The podcast hadn't been released yet and they were just banking a ton of episodes to have ready for when it did drop. It was both a random and a chill recording session, I was there for maybe 2 hours, and when it was over they said they'd let us know when our individual eps would air.

Flash forward to April 2020, which was, I imagine, a pretty fraught time for all podcasts, esp short 20 minute-ish ones meant to be consumed during your commute or lunch break. The producers did inform us then that they would be dropping episodes weekly from then on, and they have (it's been chugging along on a weekly schedule for nearly a year now). However they never let me personally know when mine was coming up and I thus completely forgot about it until I was rearranging my subscriptions in my podcast app and saw the icon for Factorious and then just googled "factorious wes" to find that yes, my ep dropped back in late November. So from me to you: here's an 18 month old recording of me playing trivia that was released 4 months ago. Pretty fun game if I do say so myself.

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