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Well Done Abolition 101

Here's yet another great resource to share with others in your life who perceive the brutality, ineffectiveness, racism, classism, and inhumanity of the American Prison Industrial Complex but who are perhaps hesitant/disbelieving about the possibility or efficacy of abolishing the whole thing. If that person is you, then I'd say def give it a read. As I will always admit, the idea once sounded ludicrous and impossible to me. That's kind of what happens when something is an unexamined pillar of your society, you come to feel like a fish swimming in the ocean of it - it's all around you and you can't imagine life without it, and you don't fully comprehend the degree of your immersion. We have lungs though, so this is all really drowning us in actuality. Thankfully can breathe free if choose to. This zine is a solid first step out of the depths.

I will at some point compile a newsletter supplemental/Medium article compiling all of the amazing Abolition 101 resources I've come across. In the meantime I'll keep sharing them here.

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