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We'll See If This Is Accurate

I got on the Clubhouse platform last month because literally every comic I knew was going crazy over it and spending hours a day on it and saying it was the next big wave, the kind of thing you need to adopt NOW so you don't miss the boat. Additionally a bunch of non-performer acquaintances were saying that just loved to tune in to it and spent hours a day listening to and talking with new people. So I said what the hell and made an account.

So far I've been pretty underwhelmed but I'm willing to believe that I just haven't spent enough time there or found the right people.

None of that stopped me from LOVING this projection of what the future holds for the current it-thing in social media. Having worked at a tech startup for years this trajectory and the amazing details that are included in it just feels really really really on point. Even if IPOs & user analytics, and SXSW mean nothing to you I think you'll understand and enjoy this.

You're winning baby. A16Z gives you a term sheet. The valuation has 3 commas. You're a unicorn. You decide to sign the paperwork. They facetime Andre Iguodala during the signing. You're not sure why, but you say hi to iggy.

You're getting calls from every news outlet. Forbes puts you on the "future billionaires" list. Tech Crunch declares "The Future is Audio". Stephen Colbert mentions clubhouse in his opening monologue. He's making fun of it..but hey - Colbert knows our name baby!

Emily Chang invites you on Bloomberg. You wear your visionary grey v-neck.

You dress simple, but you talk fancy.

This isn't just a chatroom app. It's a "serendipity network". It's "auditory escapism".


This is hard.

Creators with big audience (proven good content) don't want to switch platforms. Spend an hour "live" on clubhouse reaching 2,000 people... or do a podcast and reach 200,000?

So you offer podcasters a "recording" feature.

Do the show live on clubhouse - & get a recording for your podcast! EZ Peazy

You tell the engineers to ship the recording feature "asap or sooner".

In their private slack, they make fun of you because that phrase makes no sense.

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