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Once again I've missed instant fortune. Oh well.

In this week's edition of things that prove the stark market and "the economy" are mere constructs totally divorced from the actual well being of real human beings we have: billions of dollars shifted + a bunch of overnight millionaires + the kneecapping of several investment firms because a bunch of investment minded trolls decided to drive up the price of...Gamestop. Nice.

You've probably heard some chatter even if you're not quite up on the details. Here's a solid resource in case you're not familiar or if you could just use some assistance with the financial mechanics of it. I know enough about investing to manage my own 401K, and do some occasional light dabbling so I had the most basic idea of what was going on after reading some articles - but this by far has been the most pelucid background description of the core financial play that we're seeing unfold in the news. This is major and its effects will be felt for some time to come so it's great to have quick and digestible breakdown like this for reference. This is an image, obviously, you can see the same text in text form here.

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