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Height? Check. Dedication? Check. Advantageous mental quirk? Possibly.

Writer/commentator/real-talker Michael Harriot is one of my favorite Twitter follows. Anytime he has "A Thread:" on an aspect of Black history or race in America I'm there for it. But switching over to sports I was absolutely fascinated by his speculation over the possibility that Lebron James has a photographic memory or some other mental attribute that contributes to his incredible basketball genius. Like, Lebron is 6' 9" and spends an incredible amount of time in the gym and has a crazy work ethic. But that's a lot of professional basketball players. What seems to truly elevate his game to the next level is curiosity and investment in everything basketball, his complete and instant recall of the info that he gleans from that, and his ability to communicate the essence of that to his teammates. Watch this clip of former teammate Iman Shumpert breaking down a random (but common) instance of James analyzing a game in the moment and breaking down probabilities, the opponent's coaching history, and the best strategy using some ridiculously obscure info. James will be an incredible head coach after retirement if he chooses to.

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