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"Don't you think you're overreacting????"

LOL. McSweeny's is once again on point with this satire re: the sudden calls for leniency and forgiveness for the Capitol insurrectionists who intended to murder congress members and who actually murdered a cop...especially when it's coming from people who wanted to put BLM protestors in a cage for 10 years for [checks notes] blocking traffic. Look our carceral state is still rotten to the core and I don't want to see it enhanced or bolstered in any way but this is about calling out some BS when you see some BS and it is brilliant.

This PC mob of high schoolers sees a savvy, successful guy with a mild case of vengeful and misogynistic bloodlust, and they become hellbent on tearing him down at any cost. They’ve been after him his entire career. First, they broke into hysterics when he murdered his sister at age six and had him locked up in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. And now, they want him punished for the gruesome killing spree he performed in Haddonfield on Halloween night? When he’s sure to be skipping town in a few days anyway? Give me a break.


This is not what our community needs right now. Locking up Michael Myers does not bring Haddonfield together. It only cements the growing divide between teenage babysitters and the slashers who hunt and kill them. And without unity, how can we as a town properly heal from the string of murders he committed?

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