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And It's Just Plain Annoying Too???

Capitalism will kill you, crush you, rob you, and turn you into a debt slave. But it will also just really really inconvenience you and add a lot of unnecessary annoyance into your life.

Case in point: doing your taxes as an American. All that hustling you have to do to gather forms, check boxes, meet deadlines and such is only a reality due to the avarice of mega corporations and the complicity of politicians who receive donations from them. I mean, this is kind of obvious if you think about. The IRS already has all of the information they need to calculate your tax bill/return each year. You know this because if they didn't they wouldn't be able to confirm whether what you send them is a accurate (and to penalize you if it turns out not to be). So why do you either have to spend a mind-numbing weekend sweating over Turbo Tax or else pay aa few hundred bucks to H&R Block or some other tax prep service in order to do it for you? Because those corporations aggressively lobby congress to keep that happening because it would decimate their bottom lines.

To repeat: millions of Americans are stressed and charged significant fees every single year while completing a task that could be done for free by the government on their behalf for absolutely no other reason than that it means giant companies get to keep lining their pockets.

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