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A New Year's Message From John Darnielle

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The Mountain Goats Frontman provides some helpful perspective for 2021.

I can only recommend content to you that I come across myself and that I have found to be personally worthwhile. I'm most likely to be looking at content that is relevant to my current interests. My interests for much of 2020 were frequently skewed toward the pandemic (and the multi-level catastrophe that it's been in the U.S.) the thin ledge off of which American democracy has been hanging, climate change, & rampant police violence + the prison-industrial complex.

All of that means that WesRecs can sometimes get a little...bleak. And while it's important that we confront and address our most persistent/uncomfortable/troubling challenges head on (with the belief that we can actually overcome them....because we can) it's also important to look at the beautiful and the good that's all around us all the time. With that in mind I will endeavor to include more content each week that uplifts me (while still including all of the usual stuff that concerns or terrifies me). So here's a great way to star the New Year with an encouraging thread from John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats about hard times and getting through them.

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