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A Master Class in Acting & The Trauma of Toxic Masculinity

The 1924 Richard Connell short story The Most Dangerous Game (about a man who winds up being hunted for sport in a remote location by a rich dude who's grown bored of all the other excitements his money can buy him) has been adapted NUMEROUS times for a variety of media. I've seen the 1932 film, Jean-Claude Van Damme's Hard Target from 1993, the ridiculous 1997 comedy The Pest with John Leguizamo (personally important for a variety of random reasons), and the 1994 Ice-T vehicle Surviving The Game which this clip is from.

This is by far the most memorable scene out of any of them and it's a monologue and a piece of acting that have been with me ever since I first saw this on a rented VHS back in the 90s. Seriously, I probably think about Garey Busey's speech here at least once a month, it is that vivid, and I can't imagine an actor bettor suited to delivering it. As his character talks about the defining incident of his childhood (which doubles as the end of his childhood) we get some insight into how a very violent, very passionate man was molded out of a loving little boy by another very violent man. This is an acting class and a writing seminar. [BTW Excuse the opening line in this clip from Ice-T, it makes sense in the context of the movie but is a really weird lead-in for this isolated clip].

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