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You Have Less Cheese Than You Think

Domino's Pizza. Little Caesars. Pizza Hut. Papa John's.

Titans of the global pizza market. Here they're given an exhaustive and scientific price comparison to see which offers a better value for their 14 inch pie. I was engrossed. Note: this is only looking at price, taste/quality is not much of a factor here .

Things Learned:

  • Ordering toppings on a pizza will pretty much always result in you getting less cheese? There's some debate in the video comments as to exactly why this is (I'd recommend it if this matters to you in any way) but I'd 100% always thought that a pepperoni pizza was just a standard cheese pizza with....pepperoni on it. Instead some cheese is left off the standard cheese pizza and you get pepperoni in its place and that just feels diabolical.

  • Little Caesars pizza is stupid cheap. Like, I've known simply by walking by a few of their storefronts in NYC that they had some crazy deals, but I had no idea of the degree to which they were slaughtering their biggest competitors on cost. And that's real cost (adjusting for total weight of a pie). Yes, some of this can be explained by using cheaper / lower-quality-but-totally-fine ingredients than their rivals but it's mostly due to the fact that they don't have dine-in (and its concurrent costs) and they don't do their own delivery (using 3rd parties like GrubHub where it's offered at all). Additionally their locations are stocked by a food distribution company that is owned by their parent company so it's basically in-house and very cheap for them.

  • Papa John's is pretty crap in the value department. They weren't in my town growing up so I never really got into them, and to this day I've probably had PJ's like 4 times. It's always been fine but wow, vs the other members of Pizza's Big 4 you are getting hosed.

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