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Liver on The Lookout

I am awed and confused by the liver. It's our largest internal organ by a long shot, it is absolutely necessary for life with at least 500 different functions, and there's really nothing to be done for you long-term if yours fails and you don't have a transplant ready to go. Still, I couldn't have pointed to mine prior to a few months ago and unlike my heart or my eyes or my brain I really just don't think about my liver most days. That's a shame because your liver is really trying to help you out and when it gets in trouble it has your best interest at heart ( liver?)

In case you haven't had a plate of liver and onions recently the liver is not like a muscle in consistency at all. It's stretchy and delicate and relatively easy to rip and rupture. If you were to go full Rocky in your kitchen and punch a raw pot roast it will make a small indent in the meat which will then mostly dissipate. If you punch a liver it will hold that depression and the force of the blow will cause different part of the liver to stretch or bulge, like with displaced water. If that liver happens to be inside of you a sudden blow will cause the stretched end (opposite the punch) to hit a nerve cluster and for a variety of reasons (explained in the video) this will cause your blood pressure to drop. In order to make it easier for blood to keep getting to your brain your body will instruct itself to get into a prone position. Said another way: if you get hit in the liver you're almost certainly going to hit the deck involuntarily so that your brain doesn't stop working. Fascinating.

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