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Inside Outside Outside

Here's an equally funny & exasperating video about the past year's greatest urban dining development: the pop-up curbside eating hut that manages to satisfy COVID era indoor dining restrictions...despite being an indisputably indoor dining facility that manages to have even worse ventilation than the actual restaurant its built in front of.

On the one hand I respect the innovation. These went from not existing to being on damned near every street in NYC in a matter of months. I've seen every variation and quality level from super polished jobs that look as spiffy as an Apple store to shanty structures where it's clear the owner just called his cousin who built a deck one time and entrusted them to put up something, anything, that would (hopefully) not fall over.

This video is a brief bike tour & commentary about a handful of these "outdoor dining" setups that range from actual full on outdoor dining (tables and chairs on the sidewalk), to structures that have a room and maybe some heat lamps but no walls (so..OK), to the aforementioned fully enclosed spots that no sane person can defend as outdoor dining with a straight face.

I'd say it was the wild west out here in terms of COVID safety but I saw a lot of footage of bars & partying in Tampa, FL during Super Bowl weekend and I gotta say they're at least making a gesture here. People will still die...but it's a gesture...

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