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If it aint broke, fix it???

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

I'm both a good New England boy and a student of history so I love lobster and know that prior to the 20th century it was hardly considered luxury cuisine like it is today. In fact it was somewhat reviled and considered a "trash fish" (lobster being a bottom feeder and all) and prisoners in Massachusetts complained about the indignity of being fed so much of it.

As such, this vintage 1755 lobster recipe goes to some decent lengths to mask the flavor of what you're eating by deep frying it and then smothering it with a claret/butter sauce. I've watched a fair amount of this guy's colonial/vintage recipe videos and while I always find them fascinating from a historical perspective I rarely get excited about the prospect of ever replicating any of them myself because [newsflash] colonial American cooks didn't really know jack squat about SEASONING. Seriously you got like salt, pepper, sugar, nutmeg, lemon juice, butter, and various types of booze to enhance your cooking and that was mostly it.

However, this preparation of lobster (and the sauce that goes with it) actually looks kind of dope so I'll go ahead and say that I'll give it a whirl between now and summer. I'll document it here when I do.

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