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Entire Length of Broadway in NYC Manhattan by E-Scooter (December 2020)

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Excellent content.

Exactly what the video title says. This dude rode a Segway electric scooter down the entire length of Broadway from Marble Hill (which is technically part of Manhattan even though it's located on the mainland and would seem to be in The Bronx) to South Ferry at the Southern tip of the island, all while providing historical/geographical commentary.

This video is either exactly your thing or very much NOT your thing. I found it both rewarding and kind of hypnotic. That said, I didn't watch it straight through. I just kept it open in a dedicated browser tab and would watch 10-20 min snippets of its 90 min run time over the course of several days when I needed breaks from other tasks. I'd def recommend that viewing method if you're inclined to watch this sort of thing. Great stuff!

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