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El Vestido: Un drama del barbie, en español

OK, so on Inauguration Day I spent 13 hours on the set of a random TV show doing background acting. At least 5 hours of that was total do-nothing downtime. I was on my phone for a lot of it and went down a few hope-scrolling rabbit holes (hope scrolling is the exact same thing as doom scrolling but instead of content about plague, fascism, & police brutality it's about Bernie Sanders memes, reuniting migrant families, and COVID relief legislation). After hours of this I somehow landed on this barbie doll re-enactment of a telenovela scene. And I just had so many questions.

I know enough 10th grade Spanish to have gotten the basic gist of it, but I was left wondering what was this from? Why did someone make this?? Why is it so elaborate??? How true is it to the original scene???? Inquiring minds had to know.

Now, I ran into this on an Instagram post with no attribution to the original content so I literally had to google lines of Spanish dialogue in order to get a bead on it. Copious Wikipedia trudging then followed.

The scene being reenacted is from a 2010 telenovela with some strong Madame Bovary vibes called Teresa, which itself was a remake of a 1989 series of the same name which starred Salma Hayek.

Here's a kind of chopped up version of the original scene (if you want to view it in full just google "teresa aida vestido" and watch the videos that are on Facebook. It is intricate my friends, like the doll dress is an exact replica, someone went in on this and I love it.

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