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An Early Start on Garlic Shrimp

I've eaten so many shrimp in my life but I never really learned about the process by which their farmed for wholesale until watching this. Here are some things about shrimp and shrimp farming that I now know:

  • Fish can jump pretty high, not gracefully, but high (relative to their body size). When half of your body is tail you can really generate some force by flipping it.

  • Fish (at least those farmed in Asia) are fed a LOT of garlic and tamarind.

  • Tilapia will naturally purify sea water by eating thee plankton in it. They will of course poop a lot into that same water so you're not out of the woods yet on that front.

If you've been with the newsletter a while you know I love me a good How It's Made video. My God, what a resource, hit after hit after it. I think I'd actually be starstruck if I ever met the narrator.

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